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Jeragat Cream
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Jeragat Cream, Beauty Products From Tia Amelia. Having skin problems such as acne is very disturbing for the women. Acne usually occurs when the age of adolescence. But it does not cover the possibility of adulthood as well as breakouts. Every woman must have had problems with her skin. Most women love to try to whiten his face. Whether it's having problems with her skin or not. Have you ever heard of the Tia Amelia beauty products to whiten the face? If not, the article is certainly very important to you. Beauty products for breast healthy.

Has a white face and bright is always yearning to every woman, especially Asian women, which has a tropical climate, such as Indonesia and Malaysia. Sell beauty products with frills can brighten the skin of the face is a promising business. Even the business of beauty is very much loved the entrepreneurs. The proof many beauty products that offer similar things. Whiten, make the face becomes smooth, blemish-free and acne.

All The Pretty Skin Color

Why want the bronzed white anyway ? Whereas the name brown skin is the best skin of all types of leather in the world. The brown-skinned is always yearning to people who are pale-skinned as Europeans. They raced on the beach drying themselves so that their skin becomes Brown as tropical ones, but as a result they instead sunburned so that their skin becomes red or orange. Even far from the impression. This is called the phenomenon of human nature who is never satisfied with what God has given to us. The brown-skinned, white-skinned want white want to Brown, unlike the black leather, they already can not contested, too much pigmentation in their skin content. But that does not mean they don't want to have white skin. Because some black artists who were ultimately perform the operation the skin to get the whites.

Black people should have prided themselves and should be grateful. Because however, black people are the ones who have a strong immune system in his body because the skin will not be susceptible to burn the Sun, thus putihlah skinned people vulnerable to the dangers of a variety of skin diseases. From Sun allergies to pulai food allergies. Blacks were actually pretty just the influence of media on repeatedly advertise that beautiful skin is white. When the Lord has given portions individually. All have advantages and disadvantages of each. Asian woman with her yellow skin with yellow, Malay mature, white skin with Europe and Africa with her black skin. All full with regularity because according to the climate of each respective area.

Asian Beauty Charm

Asian women's skin is skin that is tropical regions are in the midst of colours. Not white and not black. Fitting the term. Many people who admire the beauty of the original Asian women especially the skin the skin is yellow like most owned by Malays both Indonesia and Malaysia and Southeast Asian countries. A typical and natural beauty. Unfortunately this view is rarely owned by Asians themselves. We as humans have always wanted more than what has been given by God as in the term neighbor always greener grass with grass of home page. So also with the beauty of skin problems, paradigms of whites in the region of South East Asia such as Indonesia and Malaysia is beautiful skin. The two Nations, especially the beauty companies are racing to create products that can whiten the face either by means of gradual and instantaneous manner.

Perhaps we already know the product is original beauty much of Indonesia to whiten face, unnecessary I call one by one. But have you ever tried products from Malaysia? One is product is Tia Amelia one of beauty companies are quite prominent in this neighbouring country. They now face whitening beauty product is mengeluar with tradisioal herb that won't make your face peeling product is like-product is another beauty that many contain chemicals.

Tia Amelia Heritage Beauty Products Beauty Ancestors

Face whitening product is Tia Amelia was an ancient Malay cultural heritage, where it used to be this herb in use by the daughters of the King of Malays to make their skin smooth and luminous white. Now the secret daughter of Malay that you can feel through the Tia Amelia beauty products. Jeragat Cream its name. Tia Amelia beauty products are made from traditional herbs decoction with turmeric is the key ingredient to whiten the skin peels and damming, however is not a pale white like beauty products. But white with a light yellowish like light skin Princess-daughter of King. Retaining the beauty of Asia.

This whitening cream consists of a wide variety of products. Among others are the cream of turmeric as a sunblock, creams for whitening, whitening cream during the day to night, and moisturized face cream SOAP and toner. All these products have a 5 gram net weight of each product is used enough for one full month. The use of a slightly-less for a rather long period of time. In accordance with the rules of use.

Stay alert with a variety of beauty products

Many of the product is with the various brands that are mushrooming where-where. All offer excellence prodaknya. To whiten the face, smoothing etc. But you have to be careful against such facial whitening product. Because it could be a very dangerous contain mercury to the body if used. With the use of just a few times already seen results. The skin becomes more smooth, white and free of acne. But you have to be careful because the instant that something is not good. Allegedly such products contain hazardous materials such as mercury. The use of this material can indeed cause the skin to turn into white in no time. This material kmenghambat pigmentation of the skin. But the white color of the skin is not healthy. It would even look because of differences of skin color striped body and face a very long way.

The occurrence of skin discoloration that drastic this is supposed to be taken care of properly. Because of the long period of usage will cause skin color became more and more white and then turns into a gray and long-duration will be blackish. It will even cause skin color becomes red and bengap. Visible swelling and acne appears large, big-red. If the wearing is stopped the effect will occur. The previously white face skin clean will turn black again. There are some people who can directly respond to the presence of this dangerous metal. As the skin becomes reddish as early pemakain. Then there is also the feeling unwell, such as dizziness, nausea, often senile and sleep disorders. This is an initial response, but mercury has settles in the body long-duration will react to various diseases. One of them is cancer.

This dangerous metal material enters through the skin pores and then carried by the bloodstream enter the various vital organs in the body. Recommended if already wear these dangerous products to promptly consult to a dermatologist. According to some experts, the metal that already settles ditubuh could only be lost within the next 27 years. Very long time ago is not. The risk of developing cancer was lurking. A healthy and beautiful skin will certainly have its advantages. Love your skin by using beauty products that are safe and healthy. To find out if the cream was used contain mercury or not then it can be viewed from its form that tends to be sticky. The white colour is shiny. As well as a sharp odor. Sometimes a cream like this were given a stinging perfume to eliminate bauu mercury.

Aside from the outside appearance, it can also check whether there are no BPOM in packaging. To maintain the vigilance, not wrong in choosing the cream. If less trust and is still doubtful whether the BPOM registration no of the genuine or fake. It can also match Your cream with no list of existing numbers BPOM, can be checked on the website. Additionally it could be checked by rubbing these creams have been smeared with hands of gold. If the colour is changed to black then it could dipastika these products are dangerous and contain harmful ingredients. Because that's the present beauty products tia amelia with different types of creams. If masihkurang believe what these products are safe to use or not, please check with the various suggestions above. Interested in using it ? Good luck !

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