Tips to Care of Healthy Breasts keep healthy

Tips to Care of Breast keep healthy
Illustration of Tips to Care of Breast keep healthy
Tips to Care of Healthy Breasts keep healthy. Can not be denied that the breast is one of the pride of women. However, it is also often forgotten breast to be treated, especially because the female sex parts including breasts. The following are tips to take care of the breasts. Tips for skiny women.

Healthy Breasts

The breast needs to be nurtured and cared for in order to shape and health is always awake. Gravity is one of the factors that result in changes to the shape of the breast. As you get older, the breasts start to lose kekencangannya so often looked down.

Have healthy breasts much of its profits. First and foremost, because the breast is clearly becoming the pride of every woman. And don't get hung up on the size, because it's just physically benchmark only. However by doing routine maintenance, which makes your breasts looked healthy, rounded and fresh contains, naturally beautiful seismic impact on yourself. The other advantage, is also increasingly lose a husband, you will avoid some diseases disorders of the breast. For example, breast cancer.

Don't just crave great shaped breasts, but think his health as well. With routine breast to a doctor, checked into a cheap way of healthy, wholesome and easily reached. Or try looking for other information about how breast care and tips.

Intensive Treatment For Breast

Breast, intensive care in several ways such as the following :

1. stand in an upright position.

Stood upright helps obtain support the breast muscles accordingly and make the breasts look fuller.

2. consultation with the doctor.

If the breast feels pain and redness, or any other complaint at the breast, immediately consult a doctor. You may have an infection and need antibiotics.

3. Do regular inspections.

Regular inspections can be done by yourself. This is done to detect early abnormalities. Do at least once in a month, for example, after you get out of bed or while taking a bath. Easy ways that you can do is to choose one the same date every month (because of the hormonal changes during ovulation and menstruation). Raise one arm up, then with the other hand gently massage the breast towards the top to form a circular motion to form figure 8. If anyone feels odd, immediately go to the doctor.

4. Do the mammogram screening age of 50 years.

After a 50-year-old woman should do a mammogram and repeat it every two years. Check Your family history to determine the inspection.

External Breast Care

Care of the outside of your breasts, done to complement the intensive care that you apply. As follows:

1. use the right bra.

Bra is the main weapon against the influence of gravity. Select a type and size that corresponds to your breasts. Women with large breasts require a type of bra with a strong strap. While women with small breasts can be more freely choose a model of bra. Although breast feels comfortable without a bra, but as time went on, the breasts will quickly loosens. Use a special bra to exercise if you're jogging, gymnastics or other sports. The shocks are happened can cause breast sags more quickly.

2. Do exercise that strengthens the pectoral muscle.

This muscle is the muscle of the breast buffer. Regular exercise can prevent the buildup of fat in the breast tissue.

3. treatment before nursing.

Special care when you are doing will soon be feeding the baby. Before the baby is born, gently rubbing the nipple with baby oil and dry with a soft towel. It is intended that when the baby began sucking, breast does not feel sick. Before and after breast feeding, make it a habit to wipe with a towel moistened in warm water to prevent bacteria. After that, you can apply the cream or baby oil so that the nipple is not dry and chapped.

4. If necessary, use a cream.

You can use a moisturizing cream or a breast specialist, if necessary. Read the label carefully and follow the instructions of use. Well. Not hard right ? Start treating and examining the breasts early on. Make it a habit to apply the steps above to have the healthy breast, toned and natural.

Healthy Food Tips For Breast

You certainly want to get a healthy breast, beautiful shape, and contains enough and solid. When some people want that instant way like doing surgery, using silicon, or breast implants and so on; actually there is another way to get a large and healthy breasts. One way is with food. But the result of consuming foods that can help enlarge breasts may not give results very quickly, such as when you perform the operation, and others. But of course, this way more natural, healthier, and also cheap, as well as a safe.

In essence, all kinds of food to enlarge breasts that contain phyto-estrogens, in helping the development of estrogen. The fatty tissue-forming hormones in the breast. So don't be too grandiose, hoping to be able to see the results quickly. Due to the development of consume types of food to enlarge breasts, recently seen results after 3 to 4 months.

Here are some types of foods identified can make your breasts healthy, large and dense. As follows :
  • Fruits. Such as: Apple, grape, pear, and walnut. On the type of fruit is bromine content.
  • Food berkarbohidrat. Such as: corn, rice. There are deposits of manganese, both of which are good for breast growth.
  • Nuts and seeds. Both contain oestrogen, the hormone for body growth, and fat.
  • Other foods, such as: ginger, tobacco and milk derived products (cheeses and other).

With regular consumption of these food types, without reducing the consumption of other foods on a daily basis, you will see the results in one to four months later. The reactions that appear all depends on conditions and bringing your body. Here are the recipes easy to make processed foods for breast enlargement. The Breast-Salad Diet Is Fruit. May be useful for breast care tips for you.

Materials :
  • 1 medium sized melon fruit
  • 1 apples
  • 1 piece bananas
  • 1 cup lemon juice (or juice of lime juice)
  • 2 fruit of apricot
  • with peaches
  • 250 grams of green grapes
  • 125 grams of strawberry
  • 125 grams cherry (can be replaced with 125 grams of raspberries)
  • 125 gr raspberries (in love)
  • 4 TSP granulated white sugar

How to make :
  1. Mix the lemon juice with a sugar.
  2. Soak the apples, peaches, melons in warm water for 10 seconds, then remove and Peel.
  3. Then slice boxes of peaches, melons and apples.
  4. After all sliced. Tata on top of a salad plate.
  5. Then Peel the banana fruit. Sliced bananas by means of splitting length and place it over the salad plates with strawberry, cherry and grape green.
  6. Sirami last with lemon juice that has been mixed with sugar.
  7. You chill (let stand) for one hour.
  8. Breast-Salad diet fruit ready to be eaten.

How ? The calendar is not the original fruit freshness with the sugar water spray. You'll get a big and beautiful breasts, without needing struggled bersakit sickly or as if the surgery. And more than that is the sense of security that you feel. Bonus from the food consumption is, in addition to getting a great tits, you'll be much healthier. Because of the different types of vitamin a terkandun the fruits you will get for your body.

Well who told you to get a beautiful tits, Tips to Care of Healthy Breasts keep healthy, you have to pay costly fees and overseas ? You need to do now is to try breast care tips, and out.

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